What is it?

Total::Vision is a product Larus Technologies offers to help organizations detect, classify, and track suspicious behaviour in real-time.

The product uses intelligent video analytics and machine learning algorithms to automate the analysis of surveillance video, providing actionable intelligence that can inform threat assessments and make recommendations for the appropriate course of action.

Total::Vision addresses the challenges faced by organizations responsible for public safety and infrastructure security, which increasingly rely on video surveillance. With large volumes of data to process, operators can quickly become overwhelmed, making it critical to process and exploit information in real-time.

Total::Vision helps organizations do just that, providing the video and imagery analytics they need to stay ahead of threats and ensure the safety of their infrastructure.

The Solution

Total::Vision is an intelligent video analytics solution for the public safety, security, and infrastructure industries. It leverages cutting-edge advances in computer vision, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to perform automated multi-level analysis of surveillance video. Total::Vision detects, classifies, and tracks objects, people, and events of interest, transforming video and imagery data into actionable intelligence in real-time, uncovering insights, and enabling threat prevention.

Addressing Big Data Challenges


Scalable AI/ML algorithms capable of processing large datasets


Distributed computational architectures manage incoming data features in real-time


Patented data fusion algorithms help focus on retaining the most valuable data


Pattern of life learning and detection enhances resiliency and combats deception


Human trained machine learning algorithms adapt to changes in the operating environment

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