How does it work?

Total::Foresight is a comprehensive solution for collaborative analytics that covers the entire intelligence cycle, enabling better situational awareness and enhancing operational learning.

With Total::Foresight, decision-makers can use the integrated features of these systems to gain a deeper understanding of the data and make informed decisions.

Total::Foresight offers an automated TCPED solution to improve situational awareness as well as planning, tasking, and assignment of resources. Optimized Collection Plans (CPs) are generated and simulated within the tool and displayed for seamless ingestion by overloaded decision makers typically inundated with many tasks (e.g., surveillance, tracking, detection) and a limited number of resources (e.g., drones, satellites, aircraft).

Total::Foresight drives both autonomous systems as well as realistic simulations using its integrated decision support system and systems optimization and simulation engines. Total::Foresight not only will augment the human intelligence analyst by reducing cognitive labor requirements but will also go one step further to provide predictive and prescriptive analytics of potential future events.

These outputs define potential future courses of action, to speed the F3EAD cycle and send actionable intelligence to the warfighter in real time.

Key Benefits

Improved representation of collection assets

Total::Foresight provides a more accurate representation of assets, which enables syncronization and layering in congested and/or contested areas.

Real time entity identification and tracking

Total::Foresight accurately detects and identifies entities in real-time and fuses multiple data sources to improve the overall accuracy and timeliness of entity.


Total::Foresight provides a cloud environment for Joint Force Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (JISR) data.

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