How does it work?

Total::Insight™ uses wide Artificial Intelligence (AI), advanced Machine Learning (ML) techniques, and prediction/assessment capabilities to combine and analyze information from a variety of sources, including passive sensors, active sensors, trackers, correlators, and soft data, such as weather, operator reports, and web pages.

Total::Insight™ identifies underlying trends in the data, enabling the real-time recognition of patterns, events and anomalies as well as the prediction of future behavior. Total::Insight™ complements current C4ISR solutions by easily integrating into existing surveillance systems while its capabilities continually enhance
situational awareness for decision makers effectively reducing the operator’s workspace noise and clutter.

Total::Insight™ is a cutting-edge AI/ML solution that provides organizations with the data and insights they need to function more efficiently and effectively. It uses advanced predictive analytics to give businesses a comprehensive view of their operations, allowing them to categorize trends and make informed decisions. The product can be used in various applications, including demand forecasting, optimization of business plans, and real-time monitoring of operations.

Total::Insight™ also integrates with existing systems, making it easy for businesses to incorporate the product into their existing workflows. In addition, the user-friendly interface and customizable dashboards facilitate enterprises to access and utilize the data and are cost-effective. In summary,

Total::Insight™ is a comprehensive AI/ML solution that provides businesses with the data and insights they need to make conversant decisions and achieve their goals.

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